Private Adventure Dives

Our Private adventure dives help you to make more of your diving experience. They lead you into new worlds of scuba diving. These dives represent a great opportunity to work together with your PADI Instructor at your diving skills and thus gain more security and confidence when diving.

What you learn

Choose freely from what you're interested in the most. Whether night, deep, wreck, drift or another adventure dive. Your next adventure is waiting for you!

Before the dive, we will discuss the basic techniques and skills that you need for your special adventure dive together with you. In the following practical part of your dive our PADI instructor briefs you about the skills and safety instructions for your Private Adventure Dive .


As already mentioned, our dives start every morning at 8:30, or in the afternoon at 13:30 (except night dives). Let us know if you would like to perform one (single tank dive) or two dives (Two Tank Dive Bot) with your private coach in advance. We usually result in 90 % Two Tank Boat Dives through our base. Please contact us AT LEAST two days before, so we can organize the groups and, above all, so that your personal PADI divemaster or PADI instructor is still available for you.

Arrival and Preparation 8:30 | 13:30

At your arrival at the base you will be welcomed from one of our local and international divemasters and instructors. We provide you with equipment if desired, help you to prepare and organize your group. Finally you will have a comprehensive but compact BRIEFING. We will tell something about the dive site, explain important local and special dive site - related methods and techniques, repeat the signs for underwater communication and answer any questions you might still want to clarify.

Departure 9:00 | 14:00

Finally we go, we cast off! Together we bring the equipment to the boats, of course our staff helps you if you are not capable of carrying it yourself. When everybody is on the boat we get to one of our many dive sites, of which most can be reached within 20 minutes. Have you decided for a dive from the beach we only have to carry the equiptment to the water (<30m) and can start immediately.


A two-tank boat-dive consists of two dives. If there is a significant difference in depth between the two approached dive sites, the deeper one will be dived first (we dive with PADI and therefore avoid reverse profiling). Depending on the zero time a dive is at maximum of 45 minutes .

The surface interval (~ 30 min) is usually already covered by the drive to the next dive site, but we will give you enough time to recover you from your dive, and prepare your equipment for the next. Here too, we are happy to assist you .

Between the dives we will NOT go back to the dive center if possible.

Return 12:30 | 16:30

After your return to the diving school we invite you to talk about your underwater experience with tea and biscuits. Our guides help you to complete your logbook and identify organisms that you have seen during your dives.

In the meantime, you can hang up your wetsuit, so that it will be dry and ready for your next dive.

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